What we do

Welcome One and All to the new home of the Munich Chili Cookoff (and Cookie Contest)The Date for 2019 has been set and now it’s time to tickle those tastebuds and clean off the dust from that Winning Chili recipe you haven’t used before.For all Chefs, the rules are easy:
*Create an award winning Chili at home
*Put it in a Metal Pot (one that can be warmed up on a hotplate)
*Bring it on the day to The Zar Bar
*Chill with Live Music whilst our hard working Judges do there thing
*Accept everyone’s praise as you walk off with a well deserved prize

Vegetarian chilis are always welcome too for their own category or put them up to be judged against the meaty ones (you know who you are!). Cookies are the free-est form category we’ve got, do your best and we’ll try to make sure you don’t have any leftovers to take home. We look forward to seeing you all there

More details for anyone who hasn’t been before:
*Entrance fees go to the Klinik Clowns, a children’s charity. https://www.klinikclowns.de/
*Pay at the door –  SPECTATORS : 5 Euros – CHEFS/BAKERS : Free
*There is a VEGETARIAN Chili category.
*The judges ask those who are going for the Hottest Chili prize to please LABEL THEIR POTS specifically so we can save them for last.
*There will be at least three judges and they each need a portion (recommended 1kg preferred 2kg), then after the judging all comers are welcome to sample the chilis. Please make one pot of chili per recipe entered.
*No ingredients are banned, no ingredients are mandatory.
*Hotplates are available, please bring your chili already prepared in a metal pot, not Tupperware!
*Creative chili names are highly encouraged!
If anyone wants to help out with logistics, contact Richard Sargent who has been running this event for several years and is grateful for extra hands!
Doors open to accept competitors at 14:00 hrs.
Judging starts at 15:00 hrs sharp.

BTW we’re moving to https://munichchilicookoff.de. Just a nicer URL.